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Nursery in Stanley house

This strange time during the confinement of the covid19 has made our business meaningful for our client. While people are staying more time at home, they have called us to support them in their home stying journey.

This family of 2 kids were expecting a 3rd child and my client who was 7 months pregnant was moving to a new house in the South of the island. Impossible for her to run around to do home decor shopping as she had to stay home safe because of the virus in town. On top of that she had to work and take care of her two eldest too. Very concerned to not be on time to have the rooms prepared for her children before the newborn arrives, she contacted me to make things happen. Limited visit were planned but a lot of smooth communication through whatsapp and emails were well put in place. I always tell to my client that I'm their "wingwoman" for this home styling journey: someone to advice properly, someone to ping pong for ideas and of course, someone to execute the job.



After only 6 weeks a work, the nursery was done! (and the kids bedroom but I will show it in another article). We have placed wallpaper (thanks to my colleague who always work with me in the handyman job) that created a bigger room. Totally on trend, the baby girl has one of the best nursery of Stanley and a relax Mommy who can pamper her during her maternity leave peacefully.

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