Khanh-Linh Nguyen-Trong
Design & Style Director

Born and raised in France, it is from Belgium where she started her career in Interior design & Architecture.

After being in several studios practicing in San Francisco, France, Luxembourg, it is finally in Hong Kong, in 2010 where Khanh-Linh was welcomed in the renowned architecture firm Foster+Partners.

Thanks to her experience & passion in Art Direction in Fashion, she runs Asia Property Styling to bring the joy and the “chic” to people’s home with a unique aesthetic and being people facilitator in their new residence.

She has now also taught at the Insight School since 2016.

Hugo Chevet
Handyman, wallpaper covering, painter

It is in a design and art environment, in Bordeaux in France, where Hugo grew up thanks to his mother who was a decorator. Meticulous and perfectionist, he always wants to finish his project with nice details.

Coming from the diamond industry, where he took care of the gems, it is now with Asia Property Styling where he follows his passion of DIY and creates stylish homes for families to spread joy and happiness.

Hugo Chevet.JPG
Natalie Levon interior designer israel.j
Nathalie Levon
Interior Architect & Designer, Israel

After almost 10 years experience as an interior designer, and having lived and worked in several countries including Germany, Belgium, Vietnam, UK and now Israel, she has developed an endless curiosity and capacity to adapt to any environment and cultures. She is therefore looking to create bridges between international and Israeli culture, in design as well as work ethics and customs.